What does the Board do?

The GSA Board is the peak governing body of the GSA. The Board provides strategic direction and objectives to GSA, whilst providing fiduciary oversight to ensure SSAF money is being utilised diligently.

Additionally, they may sit on a range of internal GSA Governance Committees, or external University Governance Committees. However, Board members are not involved in the general operations of the GSA, such as organising or planning of programs. 

The GSA Board is comprised of 8 voting members, and is chaired by the Board President. Within the Board are 4 office bearers, the President, General Secretary, Vice President and Treasurer. The Board officers are elected internally by the Board after the annual AGM.

Meet the GSA Board

GSA Board meetings

The GSA Board meets on the fourth Wednesday each month, 4–7pm. Unless specified, meetings are held in a hybrid online/in-person format.

  • Thursday 28 April 2022

  • Thursday 26 May 2022 — TBC Board Meeting/AGM, exact dates to be confirmed