How do I vote? 

Students will be sent an email with a unique link with instructions on how to vote. If you do not receive your email during the voting period, please contact the Returning Officer.  

When can I vote? 

Voting is closed for 2023.  Winning candidates are announced at the Annual General Meeting.

Where can I find information about the nominees? 

During elections, information about nominees will be displayed on the GSA website. 
Information will include their name, bio and a photo of each nominee and position they are standing for.

I have a query or complaint about the election. Who can I talk to? 

To enquire or make a complaint about the election, contact the Returning Officer by email. The GSA Election Returning Officer for 2023 is: 

Stephen Luntz 

GSA Election Deputy Returning Officer 
Goldie Pergl 

At times, the Returning Officer is available for an onsite visit. Please contact reception to make an appointment or email them directly.  

What does a Returning Officer do? 

The Returning Officer: 

  • is responsible for the conduct of each election; 
  • may decide all matters not provided for in the Constitution or the Electoral Regulations; 
  • and is subject only to the Electoral Tribunal. 

The Returning Officer must decide questions of fact on the balance of probabilities. 

Any decision of the Returning Officer may be appealed to the Electoral Tribunal in accordance with rule 13.5(e) of the Constitution. 

UMGSA must provide the facilities, resources and assistance necessary to enable the Returning Officer to carry out the responsibilities set out in these Electoral Regulations. 

Other information 

GSA elections must be held pursuant to the Electoral Regulations; and regulated by the Electoral Tribunal. 
For more information on the rules please read the  GSA Electoral Regulations here: Electoral regulations 
For more information about the general election, click here.