GSA Leadership Team 

GSA is an independent association dedicated to supporting over 36,000 enrolled graduate students at the University of Melbourne. We provide representation, events, training, and support, serving as the heart of graduate student life. Our Senior Operational Management team is at the center, working tirelessly to ensure a vibrant and fulfilling experience for all members.

Sajal Goundar - Chief Executive Officer 

Sajal has many years of experience in financial, governance and operational management specializing in higher education sector. Sajal is committed to advancing the graduate student academics and experience through the GSA. He aims to work within the wider University community and beyond to further the objectives of the GSA in the areas of representation, academic excellence, transition, engaged and healthy communities and organisational sustainability. Furthermore, Sajal’s goals are to bring stability, increase engagement, continuous improvements with collaboration and inclusivity, promoting a respectful and caring environment.

Christina Murambi - Manager, Policy & Advocacy

Christina has over 9 years of experience in policy, advocacy, and social work, and holds a master’s degree in Human Rights Law and Social Work.  Christina leads GSA’s policy and advocacy work and engages with relevant UoM departments to address graduate student concerns and needs. She also aims to further GSA’s reputation as an effective advocacy and representative organisation.

Kelvin Hoang - Manager, Business Operations and Finance

Kelvin has over 20 years of experience in the education sector working across a number of universities and RTOs including RMIT University and Victoria University, where he held various managerial positions with staffing and budget of over $30m. Kelvin's achievements include implementing financial control and budget processes, managing multimillion-dollar research projects, facilitating major work projects, and providing financial performance analysis. As the Manager of Business Operations and Finance, Kelvin oversees the Finance, Audit, HR/OH&S, IT Strategy, Business Continuity, Building/Facilities, Risk, Quality and Compliance areas. Kelvin aims to lead in the operational areas to ensure GSA can offer effective and efficient programs to support graduates at University of Melbourne, whilst at the same time assisting Management in delivering its business plans. He is passionate about graduate students’ welfare and is committed towards the stability of the organisation. 

Munaf Bhatkar - Manager, Student Engagement

Munaf is dedicated to enhancing students' lives and fostering inclusive communities. With extensive experience in various sectors including the University, events, finance, and student accommodations, he crafts exceptional student experiences. Through leadership in student engagement, program coordination, and education, Munaf excels in connecting and amplifying engagement within the GSA community and beyond, particularly supporting graduate students. He believes in empowering student experiences for future success and is committed to nurturing such environments.

Our Staff

Liana Moore
Lead Student Engagement Officer

Shradda Gurung
Student Engagement Officer

Lisa Murden
Student Information Officer/Reception

Mahdieh Imanzadeh
Student Engagement Officer-Grad Groups

Eliza Davis
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Elizabeth Swain
Content Marketing Officer

Patrick Ryan
Graphic Design Officer

Carole Griffin
HR and OHS Officer

Trevor Nguyen
Finance and Administration Officer

Hiruni Walimunige
Co-Manager – Policy and Advocacy

Lily Day
Co-Manager – Policy and Advocacy

Jaime Morrison
Policy and Advocacy Officer