Want to make a difference to graduate students?

Get involved in student led positions for a richer student experience. 

Whether that’s advocating for change, providing support or acting as a representative between students and the University, we offer a number of student led roles to enrolled graduate students at the University of Melbourne to help improve student life.

We offer positions to students in the following areas:

  • Board – members of the Board fulfill the legal obligations of the Association, provide governance and compliance oversight of GSA. 
  • Representative council – GSA represents graduate students at the University through 12 elected representatives. These representatives look after the needs of groups of students, such as women, students with families, LGBTQIA+ students and more. 
  • Faculty council – Faculty Council Members serve as representatives and advocates for students of their respective faculty. 

Only GSA members are eligible to nominate/apply for these roles. A casual vacancy occurs when a board, representative council, or faculty council position becomes vacant or was not filled in the last election. Members appointed through a casual vacancy serve until the conclusion of the first annual general meeting following their appointment.

Current casual vacancies

Please see roles shown below. Please note that candidates must be graduate students not on leave. 

Current vacancies will be filled by the representative council at its next meeting on 24th July 2024, and will serve until the 2025 AGM, likely to be held in May (date TBC).

*Represents Restricted constituencies

Representative Council Vacancies:
  • First Nations Officer* 
Faculty Council Vacancies:
  • Fine Arts & Music Faculty Representative.*

How to apply

  • Early nominations are encouraged.
  • Nominations should be sent to the Returning Officer, Stephen Luntz, at sluntz@abovequota.com.au
  • Nominations must include a full name, student number and contact details.
  • Nominations can also include a CV and a statement as to why candidates consider themselves suitable for the position and what they hope to achieve. These will be circulated to the representative council prior to the meeting. Candidates will also have an opportunity to present to the representative council, in person or online, during its meeting.
  • Nominations close at 5pm on July 23, 2024.

*Only Indigenous Students may nominate for First Nations Officer.

* Only Students enrolled in faculty of fine arts and music as their primary faculty can nominate for this Faculty Council Position.

Further information