Announcement of GSA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The GSA Board invites you to GSA’s 30th Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held on Wednesday 15th May from 1pm to 2pm.

This AGM will be hybrid and held online via Zoom and in person in the Gryphon Gallery 1888 Building.

Special Business

To consider, and if thought fit, pass the following resolution as a special resolution:

Special Resolution: “That the current Constitution of the Association be revoked in its entirety and replaced with a new Constitution as attached to this Notice and marked Annexure A.”


Under the Associations Incorporations Reform Act 2012 (Vic) and the Association’s current Constitution:

1. At least 75% of the votes cast at the meeting must be cast in favour of the above motion to pass the resolution as a special resolution.   
2. At least 21 days’ notice of the meeting and the intention to put the motion to vote at the meeting must have been given to all members of the Association.
3. A member votes at a meeting if they vote in person/online at the meeting.


All currently enrolled GSA members are eligible to attend the AGM and vote on its proposals. GSA membership is free to all currently enrolled graduate students.

Please note that enrolment status will be asked for during the registration process and membership will be checked before the AGM to ensure all in attendance are eligible.


Register to attend

  • Please register below to attend the AGM
  • On Wednesday 15th May, before the start of the meeting, registered attendees attending online will be sent meeting details for video conferencing.
  • For members who attend in person, lunch will be provided.  
  • Registrations close on Tuesday, May 14th, at 3:00 PM.

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For any enquiries or questions, please email the GSA Governance team on

Yingchen Zhao
GSA General Secretary 
Dated this 15th day of April 2024