Jordan Di Natale

Education (Coursework) Officer

What is up SUPERSTARS, my name is Jordan Di Natale and I am currently studying my first year of Doctor of Physiotherapy! This year I am running with Together for GSA for Education (Coursework) Officer! I have loads of university experience from running multiple clubs across my 5 years at UniMelb; to being the sole UMSU Clubs and Societies Office Bearer where I successfully maintained the department during a global pandemic. I have also been on numerous UMSU departmental committees such as UMSU Welfare, Clubs and Societies and Safety on Campus. Currently, I am an UMSU Mentor Network Director! This experience has made me into a compassionate leader who is willing to go the extra mile. If elected, I’ll bring all my experience and knowledge into the role to ensure that all graduate students are cared for! As someone of low socioeconomic status, I understand the numerous challenges that postgraduate students face, either that is financial, social and/or personal! I vow to work endlessly to ensure that students best interests are always our top priority! Please vote 1 for me as Education Coursework officer and Vote 1 for Together – Progressive. Inclusive. Accountable!