Jesse Gardner-Russell


I’m Jesse (He/Him), and over the last few years, I have seen the impact that strong student led representation can have on the average student. When I moved from regional Victoria to UniMelb, like many others, I struggled with food insecurity. It was through clubs, and events such as Bands, Bev’s and BBQÍs that I found many meals and an accessible social life at university. Yet funding of student representation has been under attack from universities all over the country. The key tenet is protecting student representation is sustainable governance of our institutions. This means students working together to find solutions, working together towards shared goals and working together to leave things better than when we found them. Having run several highly successful clubs, managed fiduciary responsibilities on UMSU Clubs Committee and mentor students, I know how to give back, whilst setting up the next generation for success. If elected to the GSA Board, I will fight for real change in improving grad group funding, and making student engagement a key issue for the GSA. Vote Together for a GSA focussed on Genuine representation, Sustainable governance and an Accessible university experience. Vote[1] for Bringing Students Together!

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