Ned Manus

Hi everyone! My name is Ned Manus, and I’m a second-year Master of Social Policy student originally from Massachusetts, USA. I’m passionate about LGBTQ+ advocacy and mental health. Serving people […]

Ifrah Saeed

Being a PhD student at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, both in full-time and part-time capacities, I understand the isolation, emotional turmoil, and financial stress, research students undergo. To provide […]

Ester Liana

I am a postgraduate student studying Master of Engineering Management and on the path of continuing PhD. I have been very active in student organisation in my undergraduate and would […]

Jordan Di Natale

Heyo Grad-Students! I’m Jordan Di Natale (He/Him/His), a 2nd-year Doctor of Physiotherapy student. I have vast experience in organising university activities, through UMSU committees like activities and welfare and also […]

Will McHenry

A good representative is someone who understands both sides of the story. Someone who acknowledges the people and also the faculty.  Being a student for the past 4 years, I […]

Radhia Abdirahman

Hi everyone! My name is Radhia Abdirahman, a first-year Master of Public Policy and Management student from Kansas, USA. Service was an integral part of my undergraduate experience and considerably […]

Areej Shahid

I am a mother of two handsome boys (3yr and 1yr) and am currently enrolled in a Doctor of Philosophy (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) at the University of Melbourne. I […]

Ethan Chou

I’m a first year DVM student who is passionate about animal welfare and people’s well-being. My experience with my late pup Jade, who passed away when she was only a […]

Sakshi Chawla

My motivation for working towards a sustainable natural environment has existed since I was a teenager and I saw my grandfather very neatly fold and save each plastic bag for […]