2023 Art Prize

Thank you to everyone who attended the GSA Graduate Art Prize! We are incredibly thankful for all the submissions, and we would like to inform everyone that the event has now concluded.

This amazing event runs annually to showcase the incredible creativity of  Graduate Students beyond their studies. Held at The Arts Centre Melbourne, this year’s GSA Graduate Art Prize has been a vibrant celebration of talent and innovation.

Art Prize Winners

Announced at the Graduate Art Prize Ceremony on Friday 25th August at The Arts Centre Melbourne by the judging panel, the 2023 prize winners are:

1st Prize: ‘You and Me’ by Hye Jin Jeon and Qian Luo

2nd Prize: ‘Foreigner’s Gods’ by Melanie Williams

3rd Prize:  ‘Steady Forest’ by Sandra Penman

Personal Experience Award: ‘Collection of Identities Series’ by Lahni Thavarajah

The Global Community Awareness Award:  ‘Women Community in Afghanistan by Hajar Sadegh Zadeh’

Innovation Award: ‘A Place to Belong’ by Georgia Black

People’s Choice Award (voted by graduate students): ‘Life After Disaster’ by Lilik Andriyani


Theme: Community

This year’s art prize theme of ‘community’ was chosen to highlight the immense power of human connections and the significance of collective experiences. By exploring the theme of community, students had the opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of diverse cultures, shared stories, and the profound impact that communities have on shaping our identities and fostering a sense of belonging.

We encouraged all participating artists to embrace their creativity and explore the theme of “community” in innovative and imaginative ways. Think beyond conventional interpretations and delve into the depths of what community means to you personally.

Virtual Gallery

View the digital showcase of the 2023 Graduate Art Prize. For easier viewing, download your own copy of our catalogue HERE. This keepsake allows you to revisit the showcased artworks and provides insights into the brilliant minds behind the creations. 

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Past Art Prizes


If you have any queries or would like to buy any of the artworks listed as ‘for sale’, please email artprize@gsa.unimelb.edu.au