GSA welcomes the University of Melbourne’s commitment to providing dual-delivery for some graduate classes in 2023

Drawing on student feedback, GSA found that dual-delivery increases accessibility for certain groups, such as parents, offshore international students, and students on placement. Dual-delivery also creates healthier and safer environments for students in carer, immune-compromised and disabled communities.

To improve educational experiences using dual-delivery, GSA has designed five recommendations for the University to consider:

  • Increase training for staff in how to effectively run dual-delivery seminars.
  • Provide technical support and assistance for teaching staff in large classes.
  • Equip classrooms with dual-delivery technology, such as microphones, ceiling-mounted cameras, and iPads.
  • Raise awareness for the Student Equity and Disability Support service as many students require increased flexibility.
  • Address the stigma around online participation as the ‘lazy’ option.

To read the full report, click here: GSA Dual-delivery Report

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