What is Thesis Bootcamp?

Thesis Bootcamp is a rigorous three-day writing weekend, with a different program of focused activities each day.

It involves a lot of writing, but it’s not all hard work – it includes relaxation, pampering, motivational talks, goal setting, strategies for writing productively and for breaking fatigue and writer’s block.

Support staff are on hand and catering is provided to ensure an encouraging, distraction-free environment.


“Thesis Bootcamp provided a supportive and conducive environment – with help when I needed it to make a significant dent/impact on finishing my thesis. I cannot recommend it enough!”

“It gives you an excellent excuse to spend 2 and a half days of just writing. It pulls you out of that “I’m never going to finish” zone and takes to the writing zone, to the “I can finish it” zone.”

“Bootcamp really does change lives. It allows students to complete a significant amount of work in a short time and removes the guilt we all feel when we are not progressing as quickly as planned in the PhD. It can make a huge difference to a students’ mental health and confidence.”

“Thesis Bootcamp pulled me out of the cycle of short, disjointed spurts of effort on my thesis […] I can’t imagine how I would have got there without the Bootcamp.”

– Previous Thesis Bootcamp attendees


Who is Thesis Bootcamp for?

Thesis Bootcamp is not for research or editing – it’s for generative writing. It’s best if you’re a later-stage candidate in the write-up phase of your thesis, but is also useful for those writing up for confirmation.

Attendees will be required to complete pre-program planning, and to set goals such as completing a chapter draft.

The camp is specifically for large amounts of writing, if you are not at the stage to sit down and write up to 20,000 words, please reconsider if this opportunity is right for you.

Upcoming dates

** Next Thesis Bootcamp: July 2019 (Details coming soon)

Applications are currently closed.

Thesis Bootcamp #1: March 2019

Thesis Bootcamp #2: May 2019

Thesis Bootcamp #3: July 2019

Thesis Bootcamp #4: September 2019


Please note: Thesis Bootcamps do NOT involve overnight stay.

How do I join?

When applications are open, you can fill out an application form below. The information you provide will be used to decide whether or not we can offer you a place.

  • Thesis Bootcamp is a top-rated program that is always oversubscribed – because it makes a measurable difference for students who are prepared to write.
  • Applicants are selected based on a ranking of needs and urgency: how close you are to completion, any reported difficulties and any interruptions to your candidature. We also try to ensure a spread across different faculties.
  • We accept applications from PhD and master’s by research students at the University of Melbourne. We can only consider applications from other universities if there is space.

Please note that, due to the popularity of Thesis Bootcamp, we prioritise applications from first-time attendees. It is unlikely you will be accepted twice during your candidature.

Thesis Bootcamp volunteers

Want to be a Thesis Bootcamp volunteer? 
If you’ve previously attended a Thesis Bootcamp, you can still volunteer to take part in a future session as a Thesis Bootcamp veteran – you’ll get most of the benefits of attending while supporting other thesis students.
Email shortcourses@gsa.unimelb.edu.au for more info on how to volunteer to help at Thesis Bootcamp!