University committees

A vital element of GSA’s work is ensuring that graduate students have a direct say in how the University operates. As such, GSA-nominated committee members sit on a range of University committees, from those making decisions on academic issues to those handling University services, and more.

Applications to become a committee representative open each year in October.

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Alaina and Chia

Committees we sit on

Academic Board

Has responsibility for the supervision and development of all academic activities of the University, including the maintenance of high teaching and research standards.

Academic Consultation and Coordination Committee

A University Executive committee comprised of Pro Vice Chancellors and heads of Faculties and Services, that advises on top-line academic issues.

Academic Programs Committee

Develops policy relating to all courses, including teaching and assessment, and oversees change and development of new courses.

Arts Faculty Board

Considers key matters of Arts Faculty business for the purpose of consultation and consideration at the Faculty level.

Arts Graduate Studies Committee

Advises and communicates on graduate coursework programs in the Faculty of Arts, oversees related course changes and policies.

Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team

Collects, analyses and interprets University data on gender equity to use in developing a gender equity action plan. Part of the SAGE Athena SWAN initiative.

Central Human Research Ethics Committee

Oversees all matters pertaining to ethics review of human research at the University.

Childcare Management Advisory Committee

Facilitates cooperation and communication between child care staff, management and parents for the University’s child care centres.

Course and Subject Planning and Advising Taskforce

Investigates barriers and obstacles to the provision of timely, accurate and consistent course and subject planning and advice, and identifies opportunities for improvement.

Elected Representatives Group

Elected representatives of GSA and UMSU who meet regularly with senior University staff to discuss issues pertinent to students.

Fair Trade Steering Committee

To promote and encourage the adoption of Fair Trade products at the University and coordinate Fair Trade events.

IP, Data and Copyright Working Group

A working group of the Research Higher Degrees Committee, to analyse and improve communication and information about IP and copyright for students at the University.

Libraries and Academic Resources Committee

Supervises the quality of services, and advises on policy and resources for the University’s libraries.

Lorna Sterling Fund Committee

Makes recommendations on the awarding of Lorna Stirling Fund Scholarships.

Melbourne Custom Programs Committee

Advises on policy for courses delivered by Melbourne Custom Programs (MCP), monitors quality and makes recommendations for new courses for MCP.

Mental Health Promotion and Support Strategy Working Group

Provides a forum for representatives from the University Community to collaborate on mental health initiatives, to collectively build mental health capacity. Advises on current and emerging issues, trends and themes relating to mental health, and the raising of awareness of these matters across the University.

Occupational Health and Safety Committee

Facilitates cooperation in instigating, developing and implementing health and safety measures across the University. Formulates and reviews health and safety standards, rules and procedures.

Research Ethics and Integrity Strategy Committee

Oversees and advises on ethics and integrity programs. Aligns strategic activities across the range of ethics and regulatory requirements for the University.

Graduate Research Training Committee (GRTC)

(formerly Research Higher Degrees Committee)

Advises on all matters affecting research higher degree courses (doctorates and masters), monitors current courses and advises on change

Committee of Graduate Research Associate Deans (CGRAD)

(formerly Research Training Advisory Committee)

Co-ordinates delivery of research training for the University and works with faculties and graduate schools to strengthen research training outcomes.

Respect Task Force

Develops strategies to improve the culture, policies and practices of the University in relation to sexual assault and sexual harassment. Acts as liaison for groups within and external to the University community and advises on relevant strategies, events, programs and communications.

Science Graduate Academic Programs Committee

Advises and communicates on graduate coursework programs in the Faculty of Science, oversees related course changes and policies.

Selection Procedures Committee

Advises and makes recommendations on the selection of students into courses, subjects or groups of subjects; ensures quality of selection process and advises on scholarships and prizes.

SSAF Consultative Committee

Oversees the use of Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) funding by student organisations, the University, and SSAF grant recipients.

Student Precinct Steering Committee

Oversees the decision-making and planning necessary for the development of the Student Precinct.

Sustainability Executive Committee

Leads implementation of the University’s Sustainability Plan and advises on sustainability-related matters.

Teaching and Learning Quality Assurance Committee

Advises on quality assurance policy and processes for teaching and learning in all award courses and subjects.

UMSU Advocacy and Legal Student Advisory Group

Provides feedback and advice on student experience of UMSU’s Advocacy and Legal services, and provides relevant information on issues for students.