Benjamin Cronshaw

Environment and Sustainability Officer

GSA Candidate Statement – GSA Board (Benjamin Cronshaw) I am starting my Masters of Public Policy. Before then completed my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Ancient World Studies, with my Thesis on Roman Slavery. I have been keenly involved in university life since beginning in 2017. I have been part of many UMSU clubs, including on the executive for the Classics and Archaeology Students Society, History Society, Chocolate Lover’s Society and Biological Society. I have also been a candidate for UMSU in 2019 and 2020 (with ticket Independents for Student Democracy) and served as a member on the Activities Committee in 2020. Through my study and student experience, I am passionate about serving the student community and collaborating on issues to develop solutions. I appreciate the educational and social experience I have had at Unimelb, and want to help other students have a good experience too.

GSA Candidate Statement – Environmental and Sustainability Officer (Benjamin Cronshaw) In my Masters of Public Policy, I am learning about analysing problems and developing ways to address them. I am particularly passionate about environmental and sustainability issues. University is a great place to learn about taking on environmental challenges as young emerging leaders and advocating for a better future for ourselves and coming generations. I am inspired by the Doughnut Economics model, of aiming to meet all human needs equitably while living within sustainable planetary boundaries. I have been a member of various environmental community organisations, such as the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) and TreeProject.