An update from the GSA President: June 2023
It has been an exceptionally busy month at GSA. Likewise, I know that our 26,000+ graduate coursework students have been battling their way through final assessments. For those who are still going, the team at GSA wishes you well! 
Our newly elected graduate student representatives have been settling in at attending our incredible training day retreat. Our new team has hit the ground running, and I’m excited to see what they accomplish this year. 
While they were settling in, the team has been hard at work. We are excited to announce that the University of Melbourne 2024 PhD Stipend Indexation Rate has been lifted to an incredible 7.5%. This is the highest increase, for the second year running. This translates to an increase from $34,500 to $37,000 per year. This is in large part thanks to the support of Pro Vice-Chancellor Justin Zobel and Associate Director of Graduate Research, Dr Amanda Davis, alongside the cooperation of the Graduate Research Associate Dean’s. Additionally, this is an example of graduate student representation in the broader university community. Where your graduate student representative on CGRAD contributed greatly to this win.
Finally, we have heard troubling reports from students regarding challenges in proper implementation of their AEA’s for exams. We recently handed down our report on in-person exams accessibility to the University Chancellery at our monthly elected representatives meeting. Our team will be following up on this issue. 
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your GSA President at at any time. Please take care wherever you are and enjoy your winter break!

Jesse Gardner-Russell