Warm Welcome to our Friends from Overseas

GSA welcomes the Federal Government announcement to allow fully vaccinated International Student visa holders to arrive in Australia without needing to apply for a travel exemption from 1 December 2021. This has been a long-awaited announcement and GSA International Officer Afsaneh Seifinaji is rejoiced to welcome back fellow graduates back on campus at the University of Melbourne. As an ongoing advocate for International Students, Afsaneh commented: “Few UoM International Students returned to their home country in Dec 2019 and have not been able to return and experienced great difficulty managing online learning, Covid-19, and financial stress. Many students who were enrolled in 2020 and/or 2021 have not even entered Australia so this opportunity to come to Australia and pursue their higher education will be a dream come true”.

GSA President Jeremy Waite highlights GSA’s commitment to helping support International Graduate Students resettle in Melbourne and as part of the campus community. He added: “We have really missed having our offshore International Student colleagues on campus, and we look forward to once again welcoming their involvement in GSA’s on-campus activities and programs. GSA has geared a significant part of our 2022 orientation programs toward those returning from overseas or discovering campus for the first time – and will continue our advocacy to the University to ensure their return to the campus community is a safe and enjoyable one, especially after such a tough couple of years.”

For information about GSA and the activities we offer please visit our website and visit the 1888 Building from 10 January 2022.

We encourage graduates to continue the dialogue, discussion and express your views with GSA’s key contacts listed below and join our advocacy.


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