The GSA CEO recently resigned with immediate effect. Since then, the Board has been considering appropriate interim measures to provide for the smooth ongoing operations of GSA until a new CEO is recruited and appointed.

The Board is committed to transparency and accountability and to supporting the ongoing operations of GSA. Accordingly, following an in-depth assessment, including obtaining formal legal advice, the Board is pleased to share with you three important announcements.

Interim CEO

The first announcement is that the Board has appointed Jeremy Waite to act as GSA’s interim CEO on a part-time basis until a suitable permanent CEO is appointed. Recruitment for a new permanent CEO is underway and we will notify you once an appropriate appointment has been made, which we have been advised may take up to six months.

To accept the position as interim CEO, Jeremy has had to resign as both President and Board member of GSA. This is because an employee is not eligible to be a Board member pursuant to GSA’s constitution. Jeremy’s appointment as interim CEO was effective from 18 May 2022. In accordance with clause 11(c) of the Constitution, Jeremy has delegated authority to manage the day-to-day operations of GSA.

The Board would like to assure you that all options were explored before we resolved that appointing Jeremy as interim CEO is in the best interest of GSA and therefore, the Graduate student community.

As President for the past two years, Jeremy has worked very closely with and supervised the previous CEO and has developed an invaluable understanding of the working operational aspects of GSA. An understanding that the senior management team do not have, even collectively. Therefore, making this decision was the best thing for GSA and ultimately, our members.

Chief Financial and Operations Officer

The second announcement is that Sajal Goundar, GSA’s current Manager – Business Operations and Finance will have a new title of Chief Financial and Operations Officer. He will report directly to the Board regarding his portfolio which includes finance, risk, compliance, HR and IT.

Acting President

The third and final announcement is that the Board has appointed myself, Emily De Wind, as acting President, effective from 18 May 2022. This is within the terms of the Vice-President role, which includes fulfilling the duties of the President as Acting President, in the President’s absence. My term of office will expire at the conclusion of the GSA AGM this Friday 27 May at which the following year’s Board Officials are elected. This is consistent with clause 8.5 (a) of the Constitution.

The Board welcomes any questions you may have and asks that you submit them via email to The Board will answer your queries as soon as it possibly can. Please be patient while the Board continues to focus on the current elections and the upcoming AGM.

On behalf of the GSA Board,
Emily De Wind
Acting President