GSA Homelessness Strategy Submission

The City of Melbourne has unveiled its Draft Homelessness Strategy 2024–2030, a pivotal document aimed at addressing homelessness within the community. Seeking input and feedback, the City encourages active participation from all stakeholders. As advocates for graduate students, GSA is diligently preparing a submission to represent the specific needs and priorities of our student body within this strategy.

To ensure the inclusion of graduate student perspectives, we urge students to engage with the Draft Strategy. You can access the document here. Following this, we invite you to participate in a survey designed to gather your insights and suggestions. The survey, which includes a link to the Draft Strategy for reference, can be accessed here. Rest assured, all responses will remain anonymous, with personal details kept confidential.

Your contribution is not only crucial in shaping the direction of our advocacy efforts but also holds the potential to influence policy decisions that impact our community. As a token of appreciation for your involvement, participants who complete the survey by 11:59 pm on Sunday, March 17th, stand a chance to win a GSA prize pack or grocery voucher.

For further information and insights into the Draft Homelessness Strategy, we encourage you to explore additional resources available. Let’s come together to make a difference and ensure that the voices of graduate students are heard in shaping a more inclusive and supportive community.