Surgical Students’ Society of Melbourne (SSSM)

The Surgical Students’ Society of Melbourne (SSSM) is the peak surgical interest group at the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Medical School. The SSSM is a not-for-profit organisation run by current Doctor of Medicine candidates that represents over 1,400 students across seven clinical school sites in metropolitan Melbourne and rural Victoria.

The mission of the society relates to three domains. These include:

1. Education – we aim to provide, and maximise access to, high quality surgical education to all students at the Melbourne Medical School, regardless of their clinical site
2. Research – the society aims to promote surgical research amongst medical students, to further surgical knowledge and understanding, and to instil an interest in research from the beginning of students’ medical careers
3. Advocacy – the society strives to advocate for both medical students at the University of Melbourne, by ensuring their surgical interest and educational needs are met, and the wider community on a national and global scale

Adhering to and fulfilling these domains will enable the society to work towards its vision of inspiring the next generation of world-class Australian surgeons.