MD Badminton Club (MDBC)

The MD Badminton Club is for all Medical Students, past, present and future, interested in playing badminton. Through weekly badminton sessions, we hope to get students meeting new people while staying fit, social, and healthy.

Taking part in badminton together is social, healthy, fun, wholesome, satisfying, and a true bonding experience within the medical community. Because of this shared passion, it is already a very successful and enjoyable sport session on Fridays that many medical students look forward to ending the week on after an intense week of studies. The dopamine & endorphins released during the fun sport & exercise act as a stress-reliever and improve the neurochemistry of students’ brains and their overall wellbeing to continue studying productively while preventing burnout in Medicine. So on top of the physical benefits of exercising during the intense games of badminton, another reason to run this club is to improve MD Badminton Club members’ mental health during a highly stressful degree.