International Graduate Student Wellbeing Group (IGSWG)

The International Graduate Student Well-being Group (IGSWG) aims to support graduate international students by looking after their health and well-being. We believe that moving to a new country to study can be challenging and we want to support the student’s physical and mental well-being. By working and inviting health care professionals, we aim to educate members to increase their familiarity with the health care system and better utilise care and support when needed. The group also want to increase awareness of well-being issues such as mental health and stress, thus educating ways to prevent, recognise and deal with these issues. As a society, we also want to provide a platform for international graduate students to promote interaction and cohesion, in the hope to provide social networks to support students’ well-being. We would also like to educate people on the roles of different health professionals and thus increasing their familiarity of the health care system in Australia which can be very different to that of overseas. Overall, we are a group who wishes to promote for health and well-being for international graduate students and support them through their time studying at Unimelb.