A summary of feedback during consultation process

 25 February 2022

Recently, the GSA Board sought feedback from members to decide on the Proposed Structure of the Representative Council member roles for 2022/2023 General Election in accordance with the GSA Electoral Regulations (6.2) and the GSA Constitution.

Members provided their input to the Board by attending a forum held on the 15th of February and/or sending their feedback through email to the Gen Sec.

Following consultation with graduate students and feedback from the Representative Council, the GSA Board has determined that following the next AGM, the RC composition will be as follows:

  • Activities Officer
  • Disability & Equity Officer
  • Education (Coursework) Officer
  • Education (Research) Officer
  • Environment & Sustainability Officer
  • Families Officer
  • First Nations Officer
  • Health & Welfare Officer
  • International Officer
  • Queer Officer
  • Women’s Officer

The summary of the changes is:

  • the introduction of a Disability & Equity Officer, and
  • the renaming of Indigenous Officer to First Nations Officer and LGBTIQ Officer to Queer Officer at the request of those Office Bearers.

The GSA Board also acknowledges the feedback on our decision making processes and abilities, and has committed to independent review of this and other processes, including further consultation on proposed changes to the Faculty Council.

A written feedback summary is available for download: Written Feedback Summary for Memo 20220224


GSA Board