2021 Art Prize & Craft Prize

The GSA Art Prize is an annual event as part of our Engaged and Healthy Communities mandate. This event champions creativity and reflects the diversity of students’ interests outside their area of study.

Due to the success of the 2020 Art Prize, we have included a Craft Prize for 2021. The theme of this competition will join the overall theme of both the Art and Craft Prize of ‘sustainability’. What does sustainability mean to you? Is it environmental, personal, social or something more? The Craft Prize promotes and supports craftspeople and their creative practices in their creation of hand-made works.

2021 Art Prize & Craft Prize winners

Artworks submitted for the Art Prize are displayed in a PDF below. Find information about the artwork and the artist next to the pieces.

Art Prize winners: 2021 Art Prize catalogue

Craft Prize winners: 2021 Craft Prize catalogue