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Managing Stress and Anxiety through Mindfulness with Dr Haisu Sun


May 27 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm





Learn how to manage stress and anxiety using mindfulness techniques with Dr. Haisu Sun in the comfort of your home!

As part of GSA’s SWOT VAC Week activity, GSA is collaborating with the Contemplative Studies Centre (CSC) to present a workshop to help students deal with the stress and anxiety of exams and life in general:

In this dynamic and interactive session, students will connect with instructor, Dr Haisu Sun, and peers to discuss their exam-related stress. We will explore mindfulness techniques to not only manage stress but also transform our relationship with it.

Through these exercises, students will gain new perspectives, enhancing self-awareness and personal growth. The session will also cover practical de-stressing strategies that emphasize self-care and self-compassion, applicable during exam periods and beyond.

Our goal is to foster a healthier outlook and equip students with skills for sustained joy and balance in their academic lives.

About Dr Haisu Sun:

Teaching Fellow, Contemplative Studies Centre, Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne

Dr Haisu Sun is a Teaching Fellow at the Contemplative Studies Centre. She earned her PhD in Social and Personality Psychology from the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences and has continued her work there ever since. She is the subject coordinator for an innovative undergraduate course, MULT10020 The Art and Science of Meditation, marking the University of Melbourne’s inaugural foray into contemplative practices education.

Prior to this role, Dr Sun taught across eight different undergraduate psychology subjects at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences for six years, showcasing her extensive expertise and commitment to educational excellence in the field.

She believes the purpose of education is to help students better understand themselves and equip them with the tools and resources to become their best selves—joyful, balanced, ethical, in harmony with their environment, and capable of making positive contributions to their families and society.

In her research, Dr Sun delves into two primary areas: first, understanding how personality traits and contexts influence behaviour and emotions; second, investigating the potential for meditation to induce changes in personality.


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