This section provides information to all University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association (UMGSA) Members who wish to participate in the GSA General Election for 2022. We encourage all graduates to read the information provided and follow the rules as set out in the GSA Constitution and the Electoral Regulations.

Election Results and AGM

Schedule and Forms

GSA Board

Faculty Council

GSA Faculty Council Members – 20 positions available (two per faculty)

GSA Faculty Council Member vacancies will open after the AGM. Dates will be announced in August 2022.

GSA Representative Council

The General Elections will be held from 28 April 2022 to the 26 May 2022. The nominations will open on the 22 March 2022 and close on the 19 April 2022. Great opportunity for our graduate membership to take on range of roles within the Board and Representative Council Membership and support student advocacy. The Faculty Council Elections will only be held in August 2022. The GSA Annual General Meeting will be held on the 2 June 2022.