GSA Leadership Team

GSA is an independent association that provides all 36,000+ enrolled graduate students at the University of Melbourne with representation, events, training and support.

We’re the heart of graduate student life, and  beating at its centre is our Senior Operational Management team.

Rachna Muddagouni

Rachna brings over 20 years of experience in leadership and executive roles, with a strong history of working in non-profit organisations and public statutory bodies in the legal, health and housing sector. Her specialties include business development, strategic planning, change management, policy analysis, and strategic communication and engagement.

Rachna joined GSA in 2019 to strengthen the governance of the organisation through increased graduate participation, stronger advocacy and representation, and implementation of the first strategic plan (2020-2025). Rachna is intent on leading the organisation from strength to further strength in the years to come, emphasising strategy, vision and purpose. The future that Rachna envisions is one of inclusive, empowered graduate student communities that achieve meaningful and holistic university experiences.

Sajal Goundar
Manager – Business Operations/Finance

Sajal, as a qualified CPA, brings over 7 years of experience in financial and operational management in university settings. As the Manager Business Operations/Finance, Sajal oversees the financial management, human resources, OHS, IT and other operational functions in collaboration with the Student Engagement and Policy and Advocacy Teams. Sajal intends to improve the processes, policies and procedures in operational areas to ensure GSA can offer effective and efficient programs to support graduates at UoM. 


Portrait of Natasha against a green GSA backdrop.
Natasha Abrahams
Manager – Policy and Advocacy

Natasha is the Manager of Policy and Advocacy at GSA. She is a recent PhD graduate from Monash University in social sciences.

Together with the Policy and Advocacy Team, Natasha works on action research projects, writes submissions to the University and to external bodies, and coordinates the network of graduate student representatives on university committees. She hopes to raise the profile of GSA’s advocacy work and support student representatives to achieve impactful changes for the graduate community.


 Portrait of Kerry in front of trees
Kerry Tucker
Manager – Student Engagement

Kerry is the Manager of Student Engagement at GSA.

Our Staff

Liana Moore
Executive Assistant to the CEO

Kelvin Hoang
Finance & Administration Officer

Ivana Eleftheriadis
Marketing and Communications Officer

Stephanie Brush
Student Engagement Officer – Graduate Groups

Stephanie Sadler
Student Engagement Officer – Representative Council

Our Graduates

Reuben Dyer
Lead Graduate Student Information Officer

Sean Mijares
Graduate Project Officer Policy & Advocacy

Cara Margetts
Graduate Policy & Advocacy Officer

Rhiannon Van Vliet
Graduate Student Information Officer