Childcare Subsidy and Rebates

GSA’s Family Officer is working with the University of Melbourne to advocate for improved support for student parents/guardians. To support this advocacy, GSA is investigating the experiences of student parents/guardians in accessing childcare services, their current financial circumstances and the impact of being able to access financial support through subsidies and rebates. 

GSA is currently seeking interested graduate student parents to participate in 20-30 minutes interviews. These interviews will form the basis of case studies to be provided to the University of Melbourne. 

Please complete the following form to provide more information and to express your interest in participating in an interview. If you are selected to do an interview, you will receive a $100 grocery voucher. 

GSA will only use the information in this form for advocacy purposes. Your personal details (name, email, etc.) will not be published.

If you have any questions, please contact

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