Break writer's block and stomp procrastination: Thesis Bootcamp is a three-day weekend of intensive writing with other grad students. You'll thank yourself later.

What is Thesis Bootcamp?

Thesis Bootcamp is a rigorous three-day weekend writing event, where you join other grad students on site for a focused program each day.

But it's not all hard work – it includes pampering, motivational talks, goal setting, strategies for writing productively and for breaking fatigue and writer’s block. Support staff will be on hand and catering will be provided to ensure an encouraging, distraction-free environment.

If you feel unsupported, then this is the place to come to find that your work IS worthy, and that YOU are worthy as a researcher.

It is a long haul, but doesn't feel that way; the time flies ... It is a quiet, calm space to get things done without disturbances from the outside world. A cocoon.


Bootcamp #1: March–April


Bootcamp #2: July


Bootcamp #3: October


BOOTCAMP #4: December (Burnley Campus)

Sun 12 Nov

Fri 17 Nov

Fri 1 Dec
Fri 2 Dec
Sun 3 Dec

Applications for Bootcamp close (9pm)

Shortlist created; all candidates notified; waiting list created

Bootcamp Day One  (3pm–7.30pm)
Bootcamp Day Two  (9am–7pm)
Bootcamp Day Three  (9am–6pm)

Who is Thesis Bootcamp for?

Thesis Bootcamp is for those who are in a write-up phase of their thesis. This suits later stage candidates, but a candidate who is writing up for confirmation may still find the bootcamp useful.

The successful candidate will not be using the weekend to conduct research, and will understand that the event is for generative writing.

Attendees will be required to complete pre-program planning activities, and to set objectives such as completing a thesis chapter draft.

How do I join?

Spaces are limited, so an application process is used to decide who can attend.

Priority is given to applicants who:

  • have never attended a thesis bootcamp;
  • have finished research, experiments or design and are in 'write up' phase of their candidature or at the end of their degree;
  • are undertaking interdisciplinary projects.

Apply noW (Burnley BOOTCAMP, DECEMBER)

I never expected that I could do so much work in one weekend. Honestly I’ve produced word counts that would otherwise take me three weeks to complete. I am more hopeful about my progress now. Love it!

P.S. Now I have an emotional attachment to Lego blocks!



This was a wonderful weekend. It’d be great to have them throughout the year – the support is just great. Nice to have a non-judging academic space! Food + folks + tips were great.



I felt apprehensive before boot camp but found it to be an amazing positive environment and very supportive too!


Thank you for organising this very helpful event that generates a stimulating atmosphere. Thanks to this weekend I managed to tackle the hardest chapter (so far) of my thesis head on. This helped not only to write most of this chapter but also having an idea of what’s left and to plan the rest of the thesis.

I now start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks again for the organisation, your time and the atmosphere.


Thank you guys for a great and very productive weekend. I knew it would be exhausting, but I met some very nice people and got a lot of work done. Thanks also for the lovely food, housekeeping etc. – and the numerous tips and advice, so hopefully I can keep the momentum now and finish without lapsing.


Thanks – so very helpful in getting things moving. A few more of these and I’ll be well on my way. It is fantastic to have an opportunity to reach out for support and have that need so beautifully met. Great advice, great atmosphere. Thank you.


I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was curious and thought in the worst case scenario it wouldn’t hurt my thesis. The atmosphere throughout the weekend was very relaxed despite the hard work that needed to be done. Everyone was positive and encouraging yet focused on the goal; overall this created the perfect atmosphere to be productive.

I hope that I can keep the momentum going and perhaps organise something similar with my fellow PhD students in my department. Thank you for giving me the chance to participate, thank you for putting so much effort into making sure all participants got something out of it.


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