IÍm Nidhi (she/her), a master of biotechnology international student at the university. Over the past year, I have been closely associated with several student led clubs, societies, and organisations within and outside the university. Coming from the same background myself and helping other students in the sector, I have first hand seen the struggles that we all face. I have been fortunate enough to have found amazing connections and friends through my involvement in clubs and societies. Not only do I aim to give the students the fun and socialising university experience, but also the services to help them transition into a foreign land. Coming with the experience of running clubs, mentoring students, and assisting others throughout the pandemic, I know how to give quality to our students. I bring my understanding of the problems at the moment with engagement and funding for the student experience. If elected for the GSA board, I will fight for a real change for the students’ community services, improving grad group funding, and making engagement a key aspect of GSA. Vote Together for a GSA focussed on Genuine representation, Sustainable governance and an Accessible university experience. Vote[1] for Bringing Students Together!

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