Activities Officer, Environment and Sustainability Officer and Science Nominee:

Environment and Sustainable Officer:

As a graduate student in the field of Environmental Science, I have a strong interest and solid foundation in promoting sustainable development and environmental protection. I have delved into the theoretical knowledge of environmental science and participated in various environmental conservation projects and research, developing my ability to address environmental issues.

During my undergraduate studies, as a board member of the college Committee, I acquired excellent organizational, coordination, and communication skills. I successfully organized and executed numerous large-scale events. Notably, I organized a teaching support activity, including conducting environmental education classes, where I imparted knowledge and the importance of environmental protection to students. These activities not only deepened the environmental awareness within the student community but also enhanced their understanding of and engagement with environmental issues.

Based on these experiences, I am confident in my ability to effectively advance the sustainable development strategy on campus in the role of Environment and Sustainability Officer at an Australian university, promoting environmental protection through concrete actions. I am eager for the opportunity to apply my knowledge and passion towards fostering a green and sustainable future.


Activities Officer:

As a graduate student, I am very eager to join the Graduate Student Association (GSA), an organization known for its vibrancy and innovative spirit. My undergraduate background and extensive experience in planning and executing environmental activities have equipped me with all the necessary skills to serve as an activity officer. During my tenure as the president of the college Youth League Committee, I successfully organized and executed several large-scale events, including teaching support activities and environmental classes. These experiences honed my creative planning and teamwork skills.

I am keen to integrate my organizational talents and passion for environmental protection into GSA, by planning engaging activities that will add vitality to the graduate student community, while also fostering academic and personal growth. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute my strengths to GSA, collaborating with this young and enthusiastic team to create more diverse and impactful activities.