Board Member, Health and Welfare Officer, Disability and Equity Officer, Law Faculty Nominee:

I am passionate about advocating for students, particularly those, like myself, who have disabilities. One of the most challenging obstacles I encountered was the fear of disclosing my disability and seeking additional support. The apprehension stemmed from uncertainty about how others would perceive me and what kind of assistance the school would provide. It wasn’t until last semester that I met a fellow student with a disability who shared her experience of applying AAP and the support she received. Learning about the existence of such services within the university was eye-opening for me. It was a pivotal moment that shifted my perspective and empowered me to seek the support I needed. Now, armed with this knowledge and inspired by the support of my peers, I am determined to advocate for greater awareness and accessibility for students with disabilities on campus. I believe that by sharing our experiences and amplifying our voices, we can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for everyone. I recognized the impactful initiatives undertaken by the previous officer, such as integrating Therapy Dogs into GSA events and actively engaging with students. I am committed to continuing these projects, and building upon their success.