Queer Officer Nominee:

RISE is the ideal choice to represent your interests on the GSA board. Here’s why you should vote for us:
We prioritise transparency and accountability in governance, ensuring that decisions benefit all graduate students, families, and the wider community. Our diverse faculty backgrounds equip us to tackle complex challenges and make the best decisions for graduates. We will actively listen to your concerns, ideas, and feedback, advocating for your needs while considering diverse student views. Overall, our top priority will be to propose initiatives that support your success inside and outside your classes!

Vote for me as Queer Officer! As I experienced the challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals in academic settings, I am committed to fostering a campus environment that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. Through initiatives focused on awareness, support, and community-building, I aim to create a safe and affirming space where queer students can thrive authentically. With a voice fueled by empathy and a heart driven by equality, I am determined to be a strong advocate for the queer community on campus.

Your vote for RISE is a vote for better representation and support for your faculty and the student community at large. Thank you for your support!