Wrap-up: GSA’s Study Buddies program

Thursday 16 July 2020

GSA recently wrapped up a new initiative, Study Buddies, that ran over the final weeks of semester and SWOTVAC.

The social online-studying program saw seven teams of 4–8 people battle it out to squeeze in the most study sessions over the period. The winning team, Overstudy!, achieved 29 study sessions in the 4-week period, followed by Team Education and Arts at 15 sessions.

Image: Team Overstudy!

The winner of Study Buddies was calculated based upon how many one-hour study sessions each team completed. (Teams were able to study for longer than one-hour each session; however, this did not count towards their final score.)

The winning team, Overstudy! racked up over 120 hours of study through the 4-week period – a phenomenal effort!

Students were able to connect with others and help break the monotony of studying alone, isolated at home.  Many students commented after the program that it provided a fantastic source of motivation and connection to other students.

Image: Team Public Health

The program facilitated an opportunity for students to meet new friends from a range of courses at the University. Students could bounce ideas off each other, and some students even compared it to the library in their comments!

“I liked this program. This activity helped me concentrate on my studies at home, just like studying in the library.”

“I like to study together and everyone is checking in with each other.”

“I really like this program since it provides the opportunity for us to discuss with our classmates, given that with this online campus going on, this is a very treasured opportunity.”

“My study buddies are really nice and we managed to squeeze some really productive time together.”