Additional paid COVID-19 leave for graduate researchers

15 October 2021

The University has announced additional paid Covid-19 leave provisions for graduate researchers who have exhausted their paid leave entitlements.

The new scheme will provide an additional four weeks of paid Covid-19 leave to graduate researchers who have already accessed their 12 weeks of leave, allowing a total of 16 weeks’ leave for graduate researchers who receive stipends. Graduate researchers can continue to take unlimited unpaid Covid-19 leave. Further information is available HERE

This is a significant win for GSA’s advocacy work and demonstrates the importance of representing graduate researchers’ concerns to the University in a collaborative manner.

The extra leave provisions add to the support previously secured for graduate researchers through the original Covid-19 leave and extensions scheme, and the Emergency Support Fund in 2020.

We extend our sincere thanks to the graduate researchers who responded to our 2021 survey on graduate research issues, providing the evidence needed to argue for improved support measures. View the report HERE

We look forward to continuing to advocate for graduate researchers to receive the support they need.

If you have feedback that you would like to discuss with GSA, please get in touch with us at: