Education (Coursework) Officer Nominee:

A good representative is someone who understands both sides of the story. Someone who acknowledges the people and also the faculty.

Being the Education Coursework Officer last year, I have heard your concerns and strived to identify how the university can provide solutions for you! Now I want to actually implement these solutions so that you see improvement in your teaching, placements and overall experience at UniMelb.

I have enjoyed getting to meet you all at GSA’s events, including my focus groups and information sessions about your education, and I am excited to meet more of you during the following year! I have also strengthened my skills of advocating for fellow students and know this requires a strong social connection to the people and the understanding to listen and fuel advocation for the future.

As education officer, I will strive to echo the student voice with compassion and motivation while also engaging in constructive and diplomatic discussion with the higher-ups of faculties. I truly believe this will ensure successful outcomes where both sides are happy, so that we can better the University together, as one.

Vote[1] Together for a GSA focussed on representation, sustainability and accessibility!