Updates on GSA’s proposed Constitutional changes

21 April 2020

Over the last few months, GSA Council has been working on amending the GSA Constitution to ensure we are fully compliant with the Associations Incorporation Reform Act (2012), and to address feedback received from graduates about previous proposals in 2018.

These proposals were drafted before the advent of COVID-19, but are broadly aimed at strengthening the organisation’s ability to represent graduate students – which has become increasingly necessary in light of the many challenges of COVID-19.

Overall, the proposal is designed to ensure that the GSA Constitution will comply with legislation, increase student leadership roles and move GSA forward in keeping graduates at the heart of all our work.

This forum discussion, held on Thursday 16 April, goes into more detail and explanation behind the proposal.

Some highlights of this proposed constitution include:

  1. The purpose and values of GSA are not changed, but our aims and objectives are articulated more clearly.
  2. As a progressive organisation that supports gender equality, and aligning with the Victorian Gender Equality Act (2020), we ensure that at least 50 per cent of the GSA Board members must be women.
  3. Defines and strengthens the role of the GSA Board – 8 members, all students, elected by graduates.
  4. Introduction of a Representative Council – an additional 15 members, all students, also elected by graduates. The Representative Council will have 10 Office Bearer roles focusing on particular issues or target groups, and 5 General Representative council members who advise and support GSA on issues related to all graduate students.
  5. Introduction of a Faculty Council – a larger group of faculty-nominated students advising GSA about our programs and representative issues, ensuring faculty-specific feedback is heard.


Read current Constitution Read proposed Constitution (draft)

Please provide feedback by Thursday 30 April

We look forward to hearing from you all about concerns and questions. The draft constitution is being widely distributed over March and April, and our goal is still to undertake extensive consultation before we propose the final amendment.

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