Update on WAM Campaign

Thank you to all students who supported this campaign. This campaign represented an unprecedented magnitude of student voices demanding that the University prioritise students in their policies and decision making, and acknowledge the reality many students are currently facing.

After weeks of meetings, late nights and emails to University leadership, we received and continue to receive the incredibly disappointing news that the University will not be extending last year’s WAM adjustment policy to Semester 1, 2021. In fact, then President of the Academic Board, Janet Hergt, refused to even consider the proposal, sidelining the voices of over 20,000 students in the process.

Myself and other student leaders would like to highlight our disappointment towards the current University administration who have repeatedly dismissed student experiences and their need for support even as recent as the current lockdown.

Given that most Semester 1 results have been released, we must as student representatives continue the fight. Despite this outcome, I want to make it clear to students that we do not view the University’s response as satisfactory, or as anything but a disappointment.

Brendan Laws — GSA Education (Coursework) Officer and I will continue to work with grad students and our partners to advocate for real support for students, and a university that places adequate value on student voices.

Please contact me at president@gsa.unimelb.edu.au or Brendan at coursework@gsa.unimelb.edu.au for further information or feedback on how we can continue to hold the University accountable for listening to and supporting grad students.

— Jeremy Waite, GSA President


View the Joint Statement (PDF)