Womens Officer Nominee:

Osiyo! Hello! My name is Taylor Broadbent (she/her) and I am a first-year Master of Public Policy and Management Student hailing from Oklahoma, USA. I am an Indigenous woman from the Cherokee Nation with several years of experience within the US Department of Interior and US House of Representatives in Indigenous Affairs. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Letters – Constitutional Studies with minors in Native American Studies & Latin from the University of Oklahoma. I am running for Women’s Officer because I have a real passion for serving Women students. I would utilize my government experience to develop programming to support women on campus. I would focus on promoting women’s healthcare needs for International and BIPOC communities like reproductive healthcare, family planning, and preventive healthcare. I will develop a Women-Supporting-Women program to create peer support groups for women in leadership, and professional development for women entering traditionally male-dominated fields and working mothers. Most importantly though I would love to hear from you about what issues you are facing on campus and how we can work together to facilitate solutions Vote[1] Together to Support Student Livelihoods, Responsible Governance, and an Uplifted University Experience. Wado, Thank You!