Health & Welfare Officer Nominee:

Hi everyone, My name is Tanmay Kabir. I am studying for a Masters in Public Policy & Management, and I’m running for the role of Health and Welfare Officer at the GSA. The GSA has always been incredibly welcoming and supportive to me, and I owe a great deal of that to the hard work of the Together team. This team has built a great graduate experience at unimelb over the years, by bringing back iconic events like the GSA Ball. As a student of public policy and management, I know that strong, trustworthy, and sustainable governance leads to results for the things that matter to students, and that’s why the Together team has been such a strong voice for students. They have a proven track record of standing up for student welfare and health, rebuilding the post-pandemic student experience. That’s why I feel incredibly privileged to run for the GSA with the Together team, which is dedicated to bettering the student experience and standing up for them where it truly matters. Vote[1] Together for Equitable Graduate Outcomes, Sustainable Governance and an Uplifted University Experience.