Board Member International Officer, Education (Coursework) Officer, Science Officer Nominee:

Hi, I am Tanisha. I’m a first year Food Science student who loves meeting new people and hearing their stories. It amazes me how different every person is but, if you listen carefully, we are all going through similar things in life!

When I moved to Melbourne from India, I remember feeling completely lost, overwhelmed, and severely homesick. I was lucky enough to find the right people who made Melbourne feel like home for me. As the International Officer for GSA, I want to contribute by forming meaningful, genuine bonds and be the person who familiarises you with a new environment and makes you feel like you belong. I want to support students who are dealing with financial aid, drastic change of routines, homesickness or mental health problems. I also am currently a Resident Advisor and this position has equipped me with the skillset of communicating effectively with people from all walks of life.

We all followed our passion, even though it took us somewhere completely new. I want to remind you of how brave and determined you have been and help you in every way possible to achieve your goals.