Qiqi Chen

Women’s Officer, Disability & Equity Officer and Health & Welfare Officer Nominee: I am a first-generation Chinese-Australia neurodivergent woman from a diverse background. Having worked in various sectors including heath […]

Patthita Kaewchangwat

Women’s Officer Nominee: RISE is the ideal choice to represent your interests on the GSA board. As part of RISE, I will be the best candidate for Women’s Officer as […]

Taylor Broadbent

Womens Officer Nominee: Osiyo! Hello! My name is Taylor Broadbent (she/her) and I am a first-year Master of Public Policy and Management Student hailing from Oklahoma, USA. I am an […]

Emma Tam

Board Member, Women’s Officer, Education (Coursework) Officer, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences Nominee: My name is Emma Tam – I am a third-year Doctor of Medicine student who […]

Shixin Wang

Board Member, Women’s Officer, International Officer, Faculty of Arts Nominee: Hi everyone, I’m Shixin studying Master of International Journalism. My motivation stems from a deep passion for fostering a sense […]

Ishita Shukla

Board Member, Women’s Officer, International Officer, Education (Coursework) Officer and Science Nominee: I’m thrilled to contest for the Graduate Student Association (GSA) elections, driven by a passion for advocating and […]

Deli Zhou

Board Member, Women’s Officer and International Officer Nominee: Women’s Officer Statement: Hey, I’m Deli Zhou (she/her), currently studying Master of Media and Communication. I am running for Women’s Officer. As […]

Jieyi Wang

Board Member , Women’s Officer, Health & Welfare Officer, Business and Economics Nominee: Women’s Officer Statement I am interested in the position of GSA Women’s Officer. As a passionate follower […]

Shiva Talari

Board Member: Women’s Officer, International Officer, Health and Welfare Officer, Education (Coursework) Officer, Faculty of Business and Economics Nominee: