Gota Morishita

Board Member and Education (Research) Officer Nominee: Board Member Statement RISE is the ideal choice to represent your interests on the GSA board. As part of RISE, voting for me […]

Shantanu Kulshreshth

Education (Research) Officer Nominee: As an international PhD student, I am aware first-hand of the stress, precarity, and isolation that Graduate Researchers(GRs) face at UniMelb. If elected, I will focus […]

Ha Ninh Nguyen

Board Member, International Officer, , Education (Research) Officer Faculty of Science Nominee: Education (Research) Officer Statement As Ph.D. candidate in Science, I understand how important research is for the development […]

Farid Fazel Mojtahedi

Board Member, International Officer, Families Officer, Education (Research) Officer, Environment and Sustainability Officer, Faculty of Engineering and IT Nominee: As a PhD candidate in infrastructure engineering at the University of […]

Scott Arthurson

Education (Research) Officer Nominee: Research students are vital to universities’ workforce, research output, and reputation. Yet management often ignores us, and decides our work conditions without our input. As Research […]

Ifrah Saeed

Education (Research) Officer: Ifrah Saeed Being a PhD student at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, both in full-time and part-time capacities, I understand the isolation, emotional turmoil, and […]

Bram Servais

Board Member, International Officer, Education (Research) Officer, Engineering and IT Faculty Nominee: After two years in Australia and at the University of Melbourne, it has become clear that many students […]