Chuan Zhang

Business and Economics Faculty Nominee: I just want to do a good job in the communication between graduate students and teachers, and eliminate the tension and discomfort, especially for international […]

Jaswant Nilhilendar Swarup Korada

Board Member, Health and Welfare Officer, Education (Coursework) Officer, Environment and Sustainability Officer, Faculty of Business and Economics Nominee:

Shrey Mehra

International Officer, Education (Coursework), Business & Economics Nominee: International Officer Statement As an International Officer, my key focus is to foster equality, sustainability, and stability within the University of Melbourne’s […]

Jieyi Wang

Board Member , Women’s Officer, Health & Welfare Officer, Business and Economics Nominee: Women’s Officer Statement I am interested in the position of GSA Women’s Officer. As a passionate follower […]

Nishant Sahoo

Member of the Board, International Officer and Business and Economics Officer: Nishant Sahoo I am Nishant Sahoo(he/him), an International student from India, excited and honoured to announce my candidacy for […]

Vinayak Agarwal

Business and Economics Faculty Nominee: I’m Vinayak Agarwal, pursuing a Masters of Management with a specialization in Accounting and Finance at the University of Melbourne, with a background in business […]