Tanmay Kabir

Health & Welfare Officer Nominee: Hi everyone, My name is Tanmay Kabir. I am studying for a Masters in Public Policy & Management, and I’m running for the role of […]

Ysrael Camacho

Arts Faculty Nominee: As your Faculty of Arts Representative, I will continue advocating for an enabling environment that promotes academic excellence, sense of belongingness, and mental health and well-being.  Together, […]

Shixin Wang

Board Member, Women’s Officer, International Officer, Faculty of Arts Nominee: Hi everyone, I’m Shixin studying Master of International Journalism. My motivation stems from a deep passion for fostering a sense […]

Alex Wilde

Activities Officer, Health and Welfare Officer, Education (Coursework) Officer and Arts Nominee: I am in my second year of my Master of International Relations and while I have enjoyed my […]

Andrew Irvin

Board Member and Environment, Sustainability Officer and Faculty of Arts Nominee: I’ve worked across Oceania as a conservation & sustainability professional for the past decade, and I’m currently serving on […]

Nadira Natasya

Board Member, International Student Officer and Faculty of Arts Nominee: As an Indonesian graduate student pursuing a Master of Development Studies, a married woman who is pursuing her dream, and […]

MJ Bentley

Board Member, Queer Officer, and Faculty of Arts Nominee: My name is MJ Bentley, I’ve openly identified as queer for 16 years, and I had a go at non-binary for […]