GSA Education (Research) Officer, Monica Sestito, has developed a submission in response to the University of Melbourne’s Proposed Amendments to the Management of Research Data and Records Policy. This submission clearly analyses some of the concerns of our graduate researchers in relation to the proposed changes.

The recommendations include:

  1. The Management of Research Data and Records Policy should maintain a distinction between researchers, defined as staff or honorary staff, and research students, and clearly demarcate the different levels of responsibilities for each category.
  2. The Management of Research Data and Records Policy should enshrine in its procedural principles the resources and services available to all research students, including graduate researchers and coursework students undertaking a minor thesis, to meet their data management responsibilities, jointly held with their supervisors.

Read a detailed rationale for our recommendations in the full submission.

Read the submission (PDF)

For further discussion or comment, please contact Monica Sestito, GSA Education (Research) Officer, at