What is Virtual Thesis Bootcamp?

Complete a Bootcamp without setting foot in a gym! Virtual Thesis Bootcamp is a new model based on the face to face program and designed to offer a similar level of support and connection whilst in current COVID-19 restrictions.

Virtual Thesis Bootcamp is an intensive two-day virtual writing program, with a selection of thesis specific support and opportunities for social connection each day

It will involve a lot of writing, but it won’t be all hard work – it includes relaxation, fun, guest speakers and strategies for writing productively and activities to refresh your mind and re-connect.

Testimonials from previous Virtual Bootcamps

“This was my first Bootcamp. I live in Adelaide, and have travelled to Melbourne at intervals for training and support, and Supervision. For me, this was an excellent response to this year’s unconscionable disruptions.”

“This workshop was fantastic. I found the combination of information and mindfulness sessions to be really well done and very useful. I did not expect to write so much during this bootcamp, and I’m very pleased with the results. I came here looking for writing tips and motivation to get through the final push to finish my thesis and I definitely found it. Having dedicated writing buddies during the two days was a great idea, we were able to support each other and offer advice and it was a fantastic way to feel connected with people even though we weren’t together in person.”

Who is Thesis Bootcamp for?

Thesis Bootcamp is NOT for research or editing – it’s for generative writing. So it’s best suited to later-stage candidates who are in the write-up phase of their thesis.

The camp is specifically for large amounts of writing. If you are not at the stage to sit down and write up to 10,000 words, please reconsider if this opportunity is right for you.

We accept applications from PhD and Masters research students at the University of Melbourne. We can only consider applications from other universities if there is space.

Please note that we prioritise applications from first-time/late-stage attendees. If there is space, other applicants will be considered.

When is Virtual Thesis Bootcamp?

2 and 3 December 2021

The Bootcamp will run on Thursday 2 December and Friday 3 December from 9:30am to 4.30pm via Zoom.

There is also a pre- and a post- workshop that must be attended.

Pre-workshop: Monday 29 November 4-6pm Academic Writing Skills

This workshop, hosted one week prior to the Bootcamp, will teach you some strategies and tips which you can use during the bootcamp to be as effective as possible. Attending this workshop will allow you to progress to the Bootcamp.

Post-workshop: Thursday 9 December 10am-12pm Editing Workshop

This workshop, hosted one week after the Bootcamp, will teach you some strategies and tips about what to do with the words you have written and how to start bringing it all together.

Commitment is necessary for the full program so please ensure you can attend ALL SESSIONS before applying.

Attendees will be required to complete pre-Bootcamp planning and to set specific writing goals.

Applications are now closed.

Please keep an eye out for our next Thesis Bootcamp! We plan to hold this in person in early 2022.

*Please note that there is a maximum of 30 students for this Virtual Thesis Bootcamp.