GSA Peer Program

GSA Peer Program is an initiative designed to keep you focused, healthy and engaged with fellow grad students at the University of Melbourne!

In semester one we ran the Study Buddies Program to help students with their studies and we will be continuing this program moving forward! We will also be endeavouring to offer other kinds of support as we work together!

Study Buddies

What is the GSA Peer Study Buddies Program?

The GSA Peer Study Buddies Program encourages grad students to stay focused in the lead-up to final exams and assessments, with the aid of social study.

Coursework graduate students can register with GSA, either as a group of 6 – 8 students from the same discipline/faculty or as an individual (to be allocated to a group by GSA).

Each group will have a minimum of one one-hour study session each week until the beginning of the exam period, to be held over Zoom. Groups can decide to hold additional study sessions if they wish.

We will be holding a friendly competition to complete the largest number of study hours, with $20 supermarket vouchers per person for the winning group. All participants who attend three study sessions (and fill in the post-program evaluation) will receive a gift of GSA merchandise.

How do I sign up?

Sign up by filling out the form here.

When is the program running?

We encourage you to register by the 13th of October. The program will run from then until the end of the exam period

Can I join after the start date?

You can join after the official start date, either as a group or as an individual to be allocated to a group. However, if you want to enter the competition late, you will have some catching up to do!

Please note that we can only accommodate up to ten study groups and will close registration after this limit has been reached.

Can I register as an individual?

Yes, you can register as an individual. This is a great way to make friends while keeping up with your studies! We will allocate you to a group of other students from your discipline. If we do not have enough students signed up from your discipline, we will allocate you to a group in a cognate area if possible.

Can I register as a group?

Yes, you can register as a group of up to eight students. Each group member should fill in the sign-up form so we have all of your details. Please provide the name of your group, and the name and email address of the main contact person for your group.

Your group can be less than eight students, but the competition is based on the largest number of person-hours in a group – so it is easier for a bigger group!

How does the competition work?

Groups will compete to have the most hours logged of group study. The winning group will receive a $20 supermarket voucher per person.

Groups wishing to participate in the competition must email GSA Events a screenshot or photo of their Zoom call showing all attendees, for each session. The screenshot should show the duration of the session (so take the screenshot at the end of the session).

If a group holds more than one session each week, additional sessions count towards their progress in the competition, but sessions will only count for up to one hour each day even if they go for more than one hour.

Please note that we will review group reporting for honesty, and may re-allocate the prize if a group is found to be mis-reporting for the purpose of winning.

What will we do in the study sessions?

One group member will volunteer to be the group moderator who ensures the group stays on tasks, and reports back to GSA if taking part in the competition.

In each session, students are invited to discuss course content and work on sample problems or exams as a group. Each student is expected to come to the session with one discussion question for the group to talk through. We will allocate students to disciplinary study groups wherever possible.

A GSA staff member will attend the beginning of each group’s initial session to explain the intention of the program and how the competition will work.

Further information

If you require further information about the GSA Study Buddies Program, please email