On Thursday 22 March, GSA Council held a Special General Meeting proposing changes to GSA’s constitution.

All enrolled graduate students were entitled to have their say on the proposal, and at the meeting, the new constitution was voted down. While the majority of students in attendance voted in favour of passing the resolutions, the required 75 per cent threshold needed to pass the constitution was unfortunately not met.

We had 151 graduate students attend the meeting – a fantastic turn-out! We’d like to thank each and every one of them for engaging in this decision-making process so rigorously and passionately. It’s clear that the future of GSA is something that graduate students truly care about.

As your elected representatives, we feel the same way.

That’s why we spent months putting the time and care into developing a governance model that we believed could make GSA even better. While we’re clearly disappointed by the result last night, we’re really proud of what we achieved to get to this point.

For the time being, everything will continue as normal at GSA.

There are still several issues with our current constitution that need to be resolved urgently for legal reasons. This will now be Council’s priority, and we welcome feedback from interested members about the most constructive way to engage in these conversations going forward.

In closing, we’d like to note that GSA elections will be announced very shortly. We’d encourage all graduate students to consider nominating for election, and to help us build a strong and stable future for GSA.