Over the past few months, we have been working on a plan to improve GSA’s governance structure and to rewrite our constitution.

Currently, GSA Council is forced to spend much of its time working on finance, HR, compliance, risk and legal issues. But, we all stood for election to address the issues that matter most to graduate students, and we don’t have enough time to give them the focus they deserve – yet.

Our proposed new structure will free us up to do just that.

It would add a professional board of directors to work alongside GSA’s Students’ Council to relieve student representatives of the pressures of governance, and free us up to work on the issues we really care about – like fighting for public transport concessions, taking part in national campaigns for equality and social justice, and ensuring all graduate students have the resources and facilities they need to succeed in their courses.

These changes will be put to a Special General Meeting (SGM) of GSA on Thursday 22 March 2018. The changes have our unanimous support.

This proposal will create a stronger and more efficient GSA, giving us greater capacity to stand up to the University of Melbourne and its bureaucracy on the issues you care about. There will be stronger oversight and greater accountability, and more students will become more involved in representing their peers. We will be able to make changes more effectively, and will do more for students.

We believe this proposed governance structure provides the strongest possible foundation for us to better serve graduate students at the University of Melbourne.

We hope to see you at the SGM on 22 March. In the meantime, we welcome your thoughts, comments and questions.

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目前,GSA委员会被迫花费大量时间在财务,人力资源,合规,风险和法律等问题上 。 我们理事会的使命是解决研究生最关切,最重要的问题,但我们却没有足够的精力去解决它们。