Board Member, Education (Coursework) Officer, Faculty of Education Nominee:

Hi everyone! I’m Siti Fathonah Wijayanti, a Master of TESOL student from Indonesia. As a current GSA Faculty Councillor, I have served as a liaison between the Faculty of Education (FoE) and GSA, advocating for student concerns and attempting to establish networks with the Education Student Advisory Committee. This experience has enabled me to gain insights into ongoing challenges, such as extension requests, thesis supervision, placement difficulties, and student well-being during peak academic periods.
Aside from holding leadership roles at both faculty and university student associations during my undergraduate years, my background as a home room teacher and staff deputy principal further equipped me with strong advocacy skills, representing students’ and parents’ aspirations to the school and initiating impactful programs like Achievement Motivation Training, leading to increased overseas study opportunities.
If re-elected as a GSA student representative this year, I aim to continue prioritising student advocacy, fostering a supportive environment for both academic and personal growth. I believe that my diverse background uniquely positions me to contribute meaningfully to the GSA and advocate for the needs and aspirations of all students.