Board Member, Women’s Officer, International Officer, Faculty of Arts Nominee:

Hi everyone, I’m Shixin studying Master of International Journalism. My motivation stems from a deep passion for fostering a sense of belonging and support within the international graduate student community. As someone who has experienced the challenges of adapting to a new academic and cultural environment, I am eager to share insights, provide guidance, and contribute to a vibrant, inclusive campus life.

During my term, I aspire to develop enhanced cross-cultural communication and leadership skills. I aim to refine my ability to connect with diverse individuals, facilitate meaningful interactions, and promote a supportive network for graduate students. Ultimately, I seek to empower fellow students to navigate challenges, celebrate cultural diversity, and thrive in their academic and personal journeys at the campus.

Last semester, I joined a UniMelb graduate students-operated podcast team called GradChat. By connecting with international graduate students, I found the common issues and concerns we care about, as well as tried to figure out multiple ways to facilitate the graduate students’ lives. By applying for the position, I hope to contribute my skills to lead a better study and life environment for our graduate students.